Real estate refers to land and anything permanently attached to it, such as buildings

and houses. This includes the natural resources located on the property as well as

any improvements like roads and utilities. There are a number of different ways to

invest in real estate. The most common is by purchasing a home or rental property.

Investors can also purchase shares in publicly-traded real estate investment trusts

(REITs) or mortgage-backed securities to get a diversified portfolio. Investing in real

estate is generally considered a stable and safe way to diversify one’s investments.

The real estate market is categorized into four major groups: residential,

commercial, industrial, and land. Residential real estate consists of any property

used for private, family living, such as single-family homes, condominiums, and

townhouses. Commercial real estate, on the other hand, is any property that

generates income through business use. Examples of commercial properties include

strip malls, office buildings, and parking garages. Industrial real estate consists of

any property that is used for manufacturing, processing, or storage. This category of

real estate usually contains large warehouses and factories. Also read


There are a few characteristics that all real estate have in common. These

characteristics are scarcity, improvement, investment permanence, and location.

Scarcity is the limited amount of land that can be developed or built upon. This

means that land prices will always rise as demand exceeds supply. Improvements

are any changes made to a piece of land that raise or lower its value. The effort and

money put into an improvement is a sizeable fixed investment, which makes them a

good long-term investment. Investment permanence is the fact that once a building

is constructed on a piece of land, it cannot be moved. This is unlike other types of

property, such as cars and furniture, which can be relocated.


Finally, location is the most important feature of any piece of real estate. This is

because people have different preferences for geographic areas, which will lead to

varying property values. For example, a house in San Francisco is likely to be worth

more than one in Oklahoma City. In addition, the location of a piece of real estate is

immutable, although a person may be able to change the surrounding dirt and land.


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