When it comes to buying or selling a home, or even renting an apartment, real

estate agents are the professionals who can make the process smoother and less

stressful. They know the local market and how real estate transactions work, so they

can help you find a property that meets your needs and advise you on your options.

They can also help with negotiations and closing escrow.

Whether they are working for buyers or sellers, agents must complete pre-licensing

courses and pass a state-approved exam before becoming licensed. After that, they

can choose to work for a real estate firm or open their own brokerage. They can also

choose to specialize in commercial or residential properties.


Real estate agents can earn a substantial income, but the job is not without

challenges. Long hours are common, and it can be difficult to balance family life with

the demands of the profession. Many agents have part-time jobs to supplement their

incomes and keep their schedules flexible.


If you’re considering a career in real estate, it helps to have a strong work ethic and

the ability to network well. Experience can also be a valuable asset, as it can give

you stronger sales skills and a deeper understanding of the local market.

The specific duties of a real estate agent depend on whether they are working for

buyers or sellers. Those who are representing buyers typically search for available

homes that match their price range and wish list, then negotiate the terms of a

contract with the seller. They may also recommend other professionals, such as

home inspectors or mortgage lenders. Agents who are representing sellers can offer

advice on how to stage a home for sale and market it through listing services, social

media, networking and advertisements.


Once an offer has been made and accepted, the agent can guide their clients

through the closing process. If there are any last-minute hiccups in the transaction,

the agent will let their client know and advise them on how to proceed. They may

also be responsible for arranging meetings with other parties involved in the

transaction, such as the seller’s agent, the buyer’s agent, mortgage lenders and title

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Most of the time, a real estate agent is out of the office, scouting and showing

properties to their clients or attending networking events. If they are new, they may

spend a lot of time building relationships and getting to know the local real estate

market. When they are in the office, they usually use the Multiple Listing Service

database to research properties and get updates on current listings. They will also

use this data to compare the prices of properties in their market area to determine

how much they should ask for a home or sell a property for.